Published on May 23rd, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Endless Bullet Hell Shooter Boss Rush Infinity Blasts Onto Android

Bullet hell fans are in for a treat as a mesmerizing new boss battling shooter that uses procedural generation to create a neverending armada of enemy ships to take down called Boss Rush Infinity has arrived on Android devices. In this minimalistic new shoot ’em up from indie developer D. Lott it’s up to players to blast apart an endless array of boss style opponents that each sport their own randomly arranged turret configurations in order to keep players on their toes and prevent memorization. There are quite a few different types of boss weapons for players to avoid which can make things especially difficult when several of them fire all at once and blanket chunks of the screen. Like any good bullet hell shooter the amount of projectiles quickly begins to approach absurd territory but luckily players have access to a helpful time slowing ability that auto-activates and brings the action to a Matrix-style crawl whenever danger is imminent. If you’re up for a simple but challenging bullet hell shooter with a lot of replayability take a look at Boss Rush Infinity.


Boss Rush Infinity is free to download on Google Play.

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