Published on May 31st, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Survive An Alien World In New Adventure Puzzler Alone Planet

A striking new adventure style puzzler that merges Zelda-like level design with a foreboding muted color palette by the name of Alone Planet has arrived on mobile devices. In this stylish isometric survival game from indie developer Immersion Studio it’s up to players to help a stranded explorer escape from a strange planetoid filled with dangerous enemies and devious traps as they solve imaginative puzzles that require both quick wits and a sharp mind to overcome. Each successive level introduces new challenges and mechanics to master such as rapidly undulating sequences of shifting portals that threaten to fling players into oblivion and spring loaded spike traps that must be outrun for dear life. Complimenting its dungeon-esque design Alone Planet also features encounters with giant bosses that will do their best to squash players before they get a chance to figure out the pattern required to defeat them. Fans of action oriented puzzlers with a sense of style will have a blast with Alone Planet.


Alone Planet is available for $.99 on Android and iOS.


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