Published on June 1st, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Rescue Lost Sheep In High Flying New Retro Sidescroller Sheepwith

A great new physics based sidescroller about saving lost sheep from hungry wolves in a tricked out biplane by the name of Sheepwith has soared onto mobile devices and PC. In this retro themed platformer from indie developer Robber Docks it’s up to players to fly around charming 8-bit levels and pick up errant sheep with a crane and so they can bring them back to safe spots on the map before they are devoured by roaming predators. Players move their plane about by dragging a finger on the screen to indicate where they want to go which makes for a necessarily intuitive control scheme due to the tricky trap filled mazes they’ll have to navigate in their quest to retrieve their poofy companions.


As they complete levels and travel to new worlds players will encounter all sorts of new twists and mechanics like flying underwater, navigating cramped caverns by torchlight, and even zooming around in space. There are a ton of different types of sheep to catch that each come with their own personalities and behaviors which can make for some unexpected gameplay when you don’t know how a new sheep will react to being captured. Each level has a requisite amount of sheep that must be rescued in order to complete but studious players can go above and beyond in order to unlock new ships and power ups to aid them in their endeavors. Retro gaming enthusiasts will have a howling good time with this charming physics heavy sidescroller.

Sheepwith is free to download on Android, iOS, and PC.


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