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Tilt Based City Builder BalanCity Enters Open Beta On Android

Following its release on PC last year the award winning hybrid physics puzzler BalanCity has arrived on Android in open beta form. This unique mashup between SimCity and Jenga from indie developer Giant Monkey Robot tasks players with constructing a viable digital town just like in the classic Maxis game however this time around they’ll be doing it on a bedrock teetering on the edge of collapse so they’ll have to carefully balance out their urban planning if they don’t want everything they’ve built falling off the face of the earth. It’s up to Players to make sure the needs of their citizenry are met by constructing a myriad collection of different building types like homes, offices, and power plants without accidentally teetering the whole complex too much on one side or the other in the process.


This simple but clever twist opens up a lot of gameplay potential and Giant Monkey Robot puts it to good use as the once benign prospect of being a virtual mayor is turned into a race to prevent the literal collapse of society. Players have all the same responsibilities of most city builders like keeping the populace happy and providing them with jobs however this time around they’ll have to make sure every new structure is built in equilibrium with its neighbors or the whole thing may come crashing down at the slightest provocation. In addition to an open ended free form mode there are also several different scenarios to choose from that task players with recreating famous landmarks from real life. SimCity fans will have a blast with this innovative new twist on the city building genre.

BalanCity is free to download as a beta on Google Play. It’s also available on PC for $7.99.

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