Published on June 7th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


New Porcine Powered Beat ‘Em Up Bacon May Die Trots Onto Android

The prolific indie developer behind hits like Iron Snout and Bunny Goes Boom is back with an intense new arcade style beat ’em up in open beta called Bacon May Die about a pig slaying hordes of rabbit zombies and other mutated forest creatures before they can munch on its juicy brains. In this cartoonishly violent sidescrolling slugfest from indie studio SnoutUp Games it’s up to players to slice, dice, and pulverize their furry opponents using a growing selection of both melee and ranged weaponry like maces and miniguns that lets them add a personal touch to their unique brand of brutality. Rather than using any sort of cumbersome virtual gamepad controls Bacon May Die instead utilizes an intuitive tap and swipe based setup that allows for the kind of precise movements needed to dodge and counterattack when engaging large groups of foes simultaneously.


Alongside unlocking extra weapons for their armory by completing certain milestones players can also collect coins from fallen enemies and use them to change up their pig assassin’s wardrobe so they can slaughter the undead in style. Although it’s still in active development Bacon May Die is already looking really great with new features being added all the time such as the ability to commandeer vehicles which came in the latest update. If you’re a fan of arcade style fighting games you’ll get a kick out of this wacky new beat ’em up.

Bacon May Die is free to download on Google Play.

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