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Blind Samurai Is A New Arcade Fighter For The Visually Impaired

There have been many arcade reaction games in the vein of One Finger Death Punch over the years but few have been quite as interesting or clever as Blind Samurai, a unique new arcade fighting game specifically tailored for play by the visually impaired. This ostensibly straightforward yet highly replayable swipe based action game from indie developer Chad Elliott Fahlman tasks players with defeating waves of oncoming enemies by carefully listening for the direction they are approaching from and striking them down before they get too close. The sound effects at work in Blind Samurai are very well done and help to elevate the game’s core mechanic far above being a mere gimmick due to its dynamic implementation of environmental effects like rain and wind that continually keep players on their toes. While the entire game is capable of being played without sight from start to finish there are some visuals in the form of gory rotoscoped graphics that wouldn’t have been out of place in a 90’s fighting game. In a classy move the developer has generously pledged to donate 50% of Blind Samurai’s proceeds to The AbleGamers Charity organization which aims to help disabled gamers get back in the game.

Audio quality not representative of normal gameplay, see description

Blind Samurai is available for $.99 on Google Play.

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  • Chad Fahlman

    Hello SGD,
    Blind Samurai developer here. Thank you for bringing this project to the masses. I’m glad you noticed the rotoscoped graphics! For those unfamiliar, rotoscoping is where footage is traced over to give the impression of live animation. My brother and friend had graciously volunteered to be the enemies. 😉

    Kudos on the video. Viewers should recognize that showcasing Blind Samurai is difficult. Enemy footsteps are heard approaching left/right or right/left. You can’t simulate this in YouTube footage.

    Hope everybody enjoys the game!

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