Published on June 9th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Defeat Cow Stealing Aliens In New LCD Themed Shoot ‘Em Up I.F.O

A few years back we covered a neat arcade shooter that mimicked the look of classic LCD handhelds called Nightmare. It’s been a little while since then but that game’s developer, Total Battery, has returned in style with an amped up spiritual successor dubbed I.F.O that expands the scope of its forebear’s shoot ’em up action into 360 degrees while still retaining the same quirky Game & Watch esque presentation. In this free-form two button bullet hell shooter it’s up to players to save Earth’s animals from abduction by obliterating hordes of invading aliens with an arsenal of collectible weapons like homing missiles and a giant drill that can be used to ram enemy ships.


Players move about by holding down either of the two onscreen buttons to change direction while holding both down simultaneously will engage the ship’s thrusters for a quick boost of speed. If players are nimble enough they can capture defeated aliens after they eject from their saucers which massively increases the effectiveness of the currently equipped weapon. There is a wide array of different enemy types to combat ranging from the smaller saucer shaped fighter craft to hulking cruisers that fire gigantic laser cannons. Arcade shooter fans will want to take a look at this old school themed spin on the genre.

I.F.O is available for $1.99 on Android and iOS.

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