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Devour Ghosts In New Downwell Style Arcade Game in:dark

An interesting new arcade swipe ’em up that puts a touch screen oriented spin on games like Downwell by the name of in:dark has arrived on Android and iOS. This retro themed arcade survival game from indie developer Ozumikan Games follows a similar framework to Downwell where players must descend a gargantuan shaft filled with deadly enemies while acquiring new skills in a roguelite fashion along the way but it also introduces its own unique take on the genre by swapping out shooter mechanics for melee based attacks that are much better suited for touch screen play. As a disembodied soul metaphysically chained to a plummeting dreamer it’s up to players to protect their corporeal form from harm by dragging it away from traps and literally eating the souls of any spooky creatures that cross their path.


Rather than having players fumble about with virtual gamepad controls in:dark instead uses a more intuitive relative touch control scheme where players can move their spectral avatar around and attack by performing quick gestures like tapping and swiping on the screen. By defeating enemies and building up large combo chains players can unlock an array of new special skills for that run similar to other games that make light use of roguelite mechanics. Smashing apart barriers and walls will yield crystals that can be used to purchase helpful items and health at the occasional shop/shrine. In addition to run-specific skills players are also able to unlock permanent upgrades and even new character types that will enable them to progress further in this spooky pixelated swipe ’em up. If you’re a fan of games like Downwell you’ll want to take a look at this interesting new mobile-centric spin on the genre.

in:dark is available for $3.49 on Android with the iOS version going for $2.99.

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