Published on July 3rd, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Crater Your Foes In New Arcade Smash ‘Em Up Planet Bash

An intense new arcade style smash ’em up about bombarding a planet’s surface as an anthropomorphic moon appropriately titled Planet Bash has soared onto Android and PC. This retro themed score attack game from indie developer Killerkun puts players in the position of one peeved off planetoid that has decided to take out its anger on a larger celestial body by repeatedly ramming into it and obliterating any signs of civilization bigger than a small town. Of course the inhabitants of this world are none too pleased about things either and will fight back with a full suite of military defenses like tanks, missiles, and even giant laser beams capable of decimating anything caught in their path. To help survive this onslaught players have access to collectible power ups, unlockable upgrades, and a zany looking beserk mode that turns everything into technicolor fueled chaos for a brief moment. Fans of destruction themed games like Rampage will have a blast with Planet Bash.


Planet Bash is free to download on Android and PC.

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