Published on July 3rd, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Spelunky Classic Gets An Unofficial Android Port

The cult classic platformer Spelunky has finally made its way onto Android devices courtesy of an unofficial port that brings the procedurally generated freeware hit to touchscreen devices in all its pixelated glory. Not to be confused with Spelunky HD which is a remake of sorts and the current retail version, Spelunky Classic is an earlier edition of the game that’s totally free and a bit more retro looking. This open source update of the original freeware release dubbed Spelunky Classic HD carries all of its cave exploring goodness over to Android complete with extra touches like widescreen support and virtual gamepad input. If you’re a Spelunky fan be sure to take a look at this new portable rendition of the game that started it all.


Spelunky Classic HD is free to download on

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  • Muhammad Ginandjar

    Classic game i remember played this on PC remaster HD

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