Published on July 6th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Do The Mario In New 3D Mascot Platformer Kraken Land

3D platformers are a rare breed on mobile but one new entry into the genre by the name of Kraken Land is hoping to change all that with its own take on the matter. This new aquatic themed mascot adventure from indie developer Honikou Games takes after titles like Super Mario 3D Land by offering up isometric platforming action, enemy stomping antics, and hidden collectibles. As a agile young octopus it’s up to players to dash and jump their way through classically designed levels filled with tricky platforming sections and oodles of foes that need to be jumped on to be defeated as they pick up as many coins as they can on their way to the level exit. The platforming mechanics and level layouts all feel highly polished which is good as they form the foundation for most 3D platformers and can make or break the experience. If you’re a fan of old school 3D platformers be sure to check out Kraken Land.


Kraken Land is free to download on Android and iOS.

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  • Pablo Pastore

    It’s a shame that it shows as compatible with the Shield TV and has no banner / controller support.

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