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Scarf Knight Review

While it doesn’t break any new ground indie developer Gorila Games’ auto-running retro platformer Scarf Knight is an enjoyable entry into the genre with its tough as nails difficulty and nostalgic charm. Following the tale of a stylish looking knight who has lain down his sword in order to conquer an evil tower it’s up to players to leap their way through 16 perilous levels filled with pointy objects, pixel perfect chasms, and huge bosses that will put their tapping reflexes to the test. There are no gimmicks or special abilities to worry about here, just daunting platforming gauntlets that would leave Super Mario Run experts begging for mercy due to the old school precision required. Aficionados of platformers will likely get a kick out of Scarf Knight’s attention to challenge but others may be a little turned off by its purposefully straightforward design.


As they run through each level players must tap to jump and double jump at the right moments to steer their character out of danger on his way to the level exit. This would be daunting enough on its own with the NES inspired level layouts to deal with but each of the four zones players encounter also comes with its own set of environmental obstacles to overcome like buzzsaws, icicles, flamethrowers and more. Adapting to the different patterns presented and anticipating when a trap will go off is key to survival in Scarf Knight.

Adding to the challenge are green coins that have been scattered in hard to reach places throughout each level which must be collected in order to unlock the door to that zone’s boss. Boss encounters crank up the tension as they are enormous screen filling enemies that barrel down on players leaving little room for error.

Scarf Knight Free Edition
Scarf Knight Free Edition
Developer: GorilaGames
Price: Free

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Scarf Knight Review Craig Forshey


Summary: Scarf Knight is a straightforward but fun platformer with an eye for NES hard level design that genre enthusiasts will appreciate.



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