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Get Off My Planet Review

A fast paced arcade dodge ’em up with retro flair and plenty of variety, Get Off My Planet from developer Z-Licious Games delivers cerebral puzzle-esque gameplay that will keep players on their toes. As an intrepid pixelated explorer venturing to new planets players must avoid being crushed by an angry cosmic deity that wants nothing more than to keep the universe’s celestial stomping grounds for themselves. On each new planet players visit they must survive different traps like lasers, spike walls, and even animate Chess pieces bent on their destruction. They’ll need to keep their wits about them and last long enough to make it to the next planet if they want to fulfill their duty as an intrepid space explorer discovering unknown new worlds and to see all the various arcade gauntlets that Get Off My Planet has to offer.


Players move around each of Get Off My Planet’s 5 arenas by dragging on the screen to move to different squares on the grid which works well and allows for quick and relatively precise movement in the middle of tense situations. With each consecutive wave of attacks players survive without taking damage they’ll earn an extra piece of armor to extend their life and get closer to acquiring a good enough rating to unlock the next level. Each level has its own distinct set of attacks that must be avoided which gives the varying planets their own set of mechanics to observe. For example one stage will have walls of spikes slam in from off screen with the only way to avoid them to observe flashing cues and quickly judge where the walls will intersect and create a safe zone. Yet another sees players facing off against an ever growing army of Chess pieces that follow Chess rules and can quickly overwhelm players not thinking ahead. The five available arenas in Get Off My Planet all function as enjoyable dodge ’em up minigames in their own right but far and away my favorite would be the Chess arena both mechanically and stylistically. Completionists will appreciate the integrated achievements list for an added objective outside of just surviving.

Charming retro style graphics compliment the arcade-y atmosphere and help to provide visual cues amidst the chaotic gameplay. A thematic Sci-Fi sounding soundtrack accompanies the action, providing appropriate melodic personalities to each destination.

Get Off My Planet
Get Off My Planet
Developer: Z-Licious Games
Price: $0.99

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Get Off My Planet Review Craig Forshey


Summary: Get Off My Planet is a challenging retro dodge 'em up that high score enthusiasts will have a blast with.



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