Published on December 7th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


LucasArts Style Point & Click Adventure Sol705 Hits Android

An impressive new point & click adventure game that echoes genre greats like LucasArts with high production values and a lot of heart by the name of Sol705 has arrived on Android. In the wake of its PC launch developer Patricio Land has brought this expansive, fully voiced, and totally free love letter to the golden age of adventure games over to mobile with the usual mouse + keyboard setup swapped out for touch controls that work surprisingly well for things like movement and inventory management. Players must help a young Argentinean lad on vacation from school in the 70’s as he explores a mysterious town plagued by spooky happenings with the help of his fellow students in Sol705, an after school club devoted to discovering evidence of the paranormal. Point & click adventure fans will definitely want to give this great nostalgic homage a whirl.

Developer: Land Patricio
Price: Free

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  • Patricio Land

    Hi Craig, thank you so much for the review! I´m really glad you enjoyed the game, it truly encourages me to keep me working in the next chapter! Tnx!

  • Patricio Land

    Nasty bug causing app to close in some devices has been eliminated! Be sure to update your version to 201. Also new hint system added to all platforms. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

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