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Hunter’s Moon Review

Castlevania meets Canabalt in this gothic werewolf battling runner from Seb Woodland Games.

Combining horror themed parkour with tense lycanthrope duels, Hunter’s Moon is a superb retro style runner filled with hidden secrets that will keep players coming back for more. As an agile exterminator of the undead it’s up to players to leap through the ruins of a forgotten city in search of an evil pack of werewolves that have taken up residence amongst the decaying remains of civilization. These furry foes won’t go gently into that good night however which means players will have to duel the accursed beasts in one-on-one combat where even the slightest misstep means certain doom. It will take nerves of silver to brave the infested city depths and unlock its ancient secrets, both demonic and angelic.


As the hunter dashes to the right along a moonlit landscape players must carefully tap and hold in order to properly time their jumps across the city rooftops with a smaller double jump available for course corrections. The degree of control players have over their jumps is very fine and allows for precision jumping at a moment’s notice. Intertwining with the rooftops are sections of scaffolding which offer leeway when encountering large gaps between buildings. Coins are scattered all about and can sometimes act as a signpost leading to sure footing. Should players be unfortunate enough to fall into the depths below they’ll not die but instead will find themselves in an ultra tough forest filled with deadly traps and its own hidden secrets. Survive long enough in the forest and players will get the opportunity to return to the surface.

Either way, players will find themselves face to face with a howling beast of the night at nearly every turn as they will not let a hunter of their kind pass so easily. These encounters consist of a rudimentary but effective fighting system with buttons for attack and defense that depends on timing and anticipating an opponent’s movements with a swift counter. While one might be tempted to wail on the attack button it’s best to take it slow as all it takes is one swipe of the claw to put an end to your adventures.

Hidden throughout the game are several unlockable items that can assist players in their werewolf hunting endeavors and even take them face to face with mysterious supernatural beings.

Richly animated pixel art environments combined with smooth framework help to draw players into Hunter’s Moons’ spooky monster fighting world. Backgrounds and obstacles are clearly defined so players are never caught off guard by anything but their own ineptitude. A hauntingly beautiful overture accompanies the gloomy visuals as the game’s enchanting theme varies its cadence according to where players are in the level.

Hunter's Moon
Hunter's Moon
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Hunter’s Moon Review Craig Forshey


Summary: Hunter's Moon is an excellent auto-running platformer with high replay value and a distinctive personality.



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