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Ninja Scroller: The Awakening Review

Hearkening back to the golden era of ninjas in videogames, Ninja Scroller: The Awakening is a challenging auto-running platformer that aims to bring the same 16-bit nostalgia and fast paced sidescrolling action to Android. In this homage to games like Shinobi and Ninja Gaiden from developer Eageron players are tasked by the government with fighting an army of evil ninjas that have claimed a city and its surrounding forest for their own. Only by putting their ninja reflexes and deadly arsenal to the test can players hope to slay the last vassals of the house of Toyotomi and free the city.


Players must safely guide their auto-running ninja through each level by jumping across rapidly undulating architecture and attacking foes with precise sword strikes before they can land a blow. This basic premise is put to good use in Ninja Scroller as its combination of complex platforming and rapid-fire combat slowly expands over the course of a daunting 40 level campaign. At first players only have spike traps and kamikaze ninjas to deal with but things quickly escalate with each new victory as players are soon facing off against lava pits, bombs, collapsing buildings, and more in their quest to defeat the rival ninjas.

In addition to the main campaign players can take on extra missions that will reward them with large amounts of coin if they manage to survive. These coins can then be used to buy special power ups like shurikens and shields from the armory to give them an added edge in battle. There’s also a robust endless mode with four different level options for those that want to truly test their mettle.

Stylistically, Ninja Scroller does an admirable job of recreating the pixel art of the 16-bit era with nice spritework, detailed backgrounds, and a vibrant color scheme. The city skyline levels in particular look nice with the added touch of lamps swinging about on physics based lines. A thematic ninja sounding soundtrack helps accentuate the game’s atmosphere.

Ninja Scroller - The Awakening
Ninja Scroller - The Awakening

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Ninja Scroller: The Awakening Review Craig Forshey


Summary: Ninja Scroller: The Awakening is a fun blast from the past that pays homage to classic ninja games with its challenging sidescrolling action.



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