Published on December 8th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Retro Physics Runner MiniPix Jump Leaps Onto Android

Bad Roads creator Laurent Bakowski has released a high flying new retro runner filled with manic physics based gameplay and super pixelated characters called MiniPix Jump. In this straightforward yet highly replayable pseudo-platformer it’s up to players to keep a super deformed sprite going ever upwards by continuously drawing temporary trampolines for them to rebound off of at the bottom of the screen so they can collect coins, activate power ups, and garner a new high score. They’ll have to be careful the higher they go though as flying bat bombs guard the clouds and will become harder to dodge the further players go. By collecting enough coins players can unlock new characters and themes for their airborne adventures. If you enjoy physics based runners be sure to give this one a look.

MiniPix Jump
MiniPix Jump
Developer: Laurent Bakowski
Price: Free+

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