Published on December 11th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Tactical Puzzle RPG Ticket To Earth Soars Onto Android

In the wake of its initial release on iOS back in March the strategy infused puzzle RPG Ticket To Earth has sailed the inter-platform cosmos and made its way onto Android devices. This award winning hybrid puzzler from developer Robot Circus blends the tactics RPG and puzzle RPG sub genres together with an epic comics inspired story in order to deliver strategic gameplay that gives it a unique identity apart from your average mobile RPG. Players must fight to survive amidst upheaval on a dying space colony after the first rescue ship in years arrives without enough space for 99 percent of the desperate populace. Turn based RPG combat is merged with tile matching puzzle solving as players lead a ragtag band of survivors to freedom against a colorful cast of enemies. RPG fans will definitely want to give this story rich genre mashup a gander and for the first week can get it for a special launch discount of 30 percent off.

Ticket to Earth
Ticket to Earth
Developer: Robot Circus
Price: $4.99

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