Published on December 13th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Twin Stick Console Shooter Vostok Inc. Expands Onto Android

After hitting PC and consoles earlier this year the hybrid twin stick business shooter Vostok Inc has begun its hostile takeover on Android. A mashup between a hardcore twin stick shoot ’em up and a cutthroat business sim, this cash-minded shooter from indie developer Nosebleed Interactive puts players in the suspenders of an interplanetary real estate mogul as they travel from planet to planet buying up property, recruiting employees, and eliminating the competition. As players progress in this “clicker” game where the clicking has been replaced with arcade shooting they’ll need to find ways to build their empire and keep their most important executives happy so they’ll be able to upgrade their arsenal for encounters with not-too-friendly competitors in neighboring systems. With tons of extra content like a wealth of different retro minigames and crazy boss battles Vostok Inc aims to bring the console experience to Android. Just be sure you have a gamepad as it’s a requirement to play.

Vostok Inc.
Vostok Inc.
Price: $15.99

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