Published on December 15th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Roguelike Dungeon Crawler SellSword Ventures Onto Android

The roguelike genre got another addition today as a new procedurally generated RPG dubbed SellSword has arrived on Android. Created by indie developer Ava Games, SellSword is a retro themed hack ‘n slash dungeon crawler where players plunder the depths of an ancient underground maze in search of treasure and glory, but mostly treasure. As they explore the dank catacombs they’ll have to fight against hordes of creepy crawlies like bats, slime monsters, and ghosts using both bow and sword as these subterranean defenders attempt to ward off any would be adventurers from claiming the loot residing in their domain. On each floor players will need to avoid traps, flip switches, and find hidden keys so they can unlock new rooms and proceed to the next floor. In between floors players can spend their ill-gotten gains on useful items and better equipment to increase their chances at survival. Roguelike fans in search of something new will be interested in this one.

SellSword - Loot Random Dungeons
SellSword - Loot Random Dungeons

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