What Effect Does Playing Minecraft Have on the Brain?

Minecraft is lawfully considered a masterpiece and truthful gaming phenomenon. Millions of players around the globe play it every day. Of course, the majority of Minecraft gamers are kids. This fact is obvious as the game itself seems a little bit childish. However, it has more depth than it seems at the first sight.

This game is unquestionably one of the greatest non-violent instructional video games out now. Programming, cooperation, resolving issues, and project management can all be taught to children using this platform. It also provides a great setting for enhancing creativity and lateral thinking.

There have been several research and education articles pointing to the premise of Minecraft making you brighter.

A study conducted by Glasgow University in 2017 showed that people who play video games (including Minecraft) are more likely to perform better in their professional and personal life. According to the study, playing the game helped people improve their interaction, flexibility, and creativity contrasted to those in the control group.

It is unknown if playing Minecraft can boost an IQ level, but there are benefits that can help develop other brain areas.

Promoting Initiative and Strategic Thinking

Minecraft's almost infinite creative potential is a blast. Each universe has 921.6 quadrillion LEGO-like bricks. With this material, you can build anything.

For example, there’s a community-based Game of Thrones project that recreates the original continent from a famous fantasy book. This map’s size is unlikely to be made by a kid, but it shows how far Minecraft's resources can go. Make your creativity a fuel, not just for this game but for your life as well.

Programming 101

If you want to get your kids interested in coding, Minecraft is a great place to start. Because of its original simplicity, the game becomes a favorite among children.

When using Redstone, players may construct systems ranging from basic to absurdly complicated using basic programming functions.

Teamplay and Collaboration

When children reach a certain age, they may begin to play Minecraft with their peers on public servers. This way, they may learn teamwork skills. As a result, it shows that youngsters can achieve higher results while playing as one team than they could ever accomplish on their own.

When children work together, it will be easier for them to understand the need to help others, i.e. boost empathy.

Resource Management

Managing resources is crucial. Players quickly learn to manage their resources and spend them wisely. Removed trees will be gone permanently if not restored. Even if you plant them, they take time to grow.

Hunting animals to get resources is also an option, but it is much wiser to use them as livestock. With this approach, a player will have a good source of food and other materials.

As you can see, Minecraft is limitless in terms of education and fun. So why not combine business with pleasure?