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New Indie Shooter Rotor Episode 1 Out On Google Play

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Indie developer Snjohus Software has a great new arcade style shooter out on Google Play called Rotor Episode 1. This game is built on the Unity 3D engine and has allowed the developers to create beatiful 3D visuals rather than the 2D graphics so many Android shooters use. In Rotor Episode 1 you pilot humanities last space worthy warship against a legion of alien attackers.

* 6 exciting missions with unique scenery
* 24 unique enemies with equally as many behaviors
* 8 primary weapon upgrades
* 10 special weapons such as ion lasers, nuclear missiles, plasma flame throwers and more.
* 6 big end of level bosses with 18 different special weapons to throw at you
* Great atmospheric music to take you right into the feeling of things
* An interesting story and characters – our heroes are based on ancient amphibian reptiles called labyrinthodonts, go look it up on Wikipedia.

Rotor Episode 1 was built by a small but proud indie studio and has a free trial version to check out. The full game can be bought for a reasonable $1.99. If you are a fan of shooters like Ikaruga and R-Type, check out Rotor Episode 1 today!

Google Play – Rotor Episode 1

Google Play – Rotor Episode 1 Free

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