What Are the Main Video Game Genres?

Video games are more popular than ever before, filling up our newsfeeds, fueling social connections, and providing us with endless amounts of entertainment. Today, video games not only appear to be everywhere, but the variety of games available makes it difficult to narrow down a preference.

The selection of genres is truly vivid, and today, more and more games incorporate elements from different kinds of games, making it easy for everybody to find something that will fit the necessary requirements.

However, this brings one crucial question: what are the main genres in video gaming? Stick around, and you’ll find out as we are about to dive into the ocean of video games.


It is probably the most widespread genre in today’s game world and definitely the most classical one. As the name suggests, the primary emphasis of action games is on physical tasks that call for rapid reflexes. All fighting games and FPS are heavily based on an action component.


Real-time strategies are one of the oldest but nonetheless popular genres of today. The first RTS game was released in the middle of the 1980s and incorporated simple gameplay based on attacking/counterattacking with the right type of unit.

Since then, a lot has changed, and today, most tower defense games give a player a chance to become a commander of some race/nation and lead it to victory.


Role-playing games have passed a long way, from table-top sessions with friends to multimillion digital projects with armies of fans. The limitless creativity that ignited the pen-and-paper RPGs was equally transfused into the computer world. Usually, RPGs are set in a fantasy world, where you are the main protagonist who has to save the world. You can build your character by choosing your race, class (warrior, mage, rogue, etc.), appearance, and much more.

Survival Horror

This genre aimed to send shivers down your spine. Eldritch creatures occupy the hostile environment, challenging the player to utilize their combat skills and instincts to outlast.

The genre was popularized by Resident Evil and other games. The player had the choice of fleeing or fighting the ghastly things they encountered as they made their way through the estate.


To succeed in a stealth game, the player must use all of their cunning and deception to achieve their goal. Does your gaming prowess make it possible for you to evade detection while traversing the map? It is possible to explore and be creative in stealth games, which are difficult and atmospheric.


This category includes games that mimic certain parts of real life. Games like this imitate features like developing towns, creating individuals and controlling their lives, as well as running companies. Simulation games enable the user to construct a sense of reality and may be racing, technical, arcade, sports, cooking, fishing, driving, and more.


First-person shooters give players an uncanny feeling of immersion. In these games, the player takes on the role of the protagonist. You get a plethora of weapons appropriate to the game's environment and are free to make your enemies disappear.