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Square Enix Releases Chaos Rings II in Japan


Square Enix’s Chaos Rings series are perhaps the most popular RPG’s available for Android, and with good reason. Chaos Rings games are mobile RPG’s with the production values of their console RPG counterparts. Console quality 3D graphics, voice acting, and epic storylines put these games on par with Square Enix’s Final Fantasy games. After a very long wait, Square Enix finally released Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings: Omega onto the Google Play store. Hopefully we won’t have to wait that long for Chaos Rings II, since it has just been released on Square Enix’s Japan exclusive Android store.

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Chaos Rings II is connected to other games in the series but also works as a stand alone story. The world has nearly been destroyed after the apocalyptic events of the previous games and it is up to the hero Darwin to save the world. In order to do this, Darwin must sacrifice five people, one of which is his childhood friend and love interest Marie. How you choose to navigate the different scenarios in the game will change how the story plays out.

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If you happen to live in Japan, you can download this title right away. As for the rest of us, it will probably be a few months before we get to enjoy this game if the other titles releases are any indicator.

Square Enix Android Market – Chaos Rings II

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