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Tegra Zone Game Bladeslinger Finally Releases


Long awaited Tegra Zone game Bladeslinger, is now available on the Google Play Store. Originally teased as one of the Tegra 3 launch titles, Bladeslinger was delayed for quite a long time but is finally here to wow us all.


Playing as William Glaston, gamers will return to William’s home town of Hammer’s Peak to confront an ancient evil that has unleashed undead nightmares upon the denizens of the town. Bladeslinger is a graphically impressive high-octane brawler. Console quality graphics bring technical features not typically found in Android games. Dynamic lighting, detailed shadows, conditional weather, and lens flare are just a few of the reasons why this game looks so good.


An intense melee combat system married with intuitive touch controls gives Bladeslinger a unique game play mechanic. William can shoot, dodge, counter, combo, perform finishing moves, and much more. Hours of original campaign content will expand on the moves William can use.

As a Tegra Zone game, Bladeslinger features enhanced graphics for Tegra 3 devices. Lens drops, reflective puddles and 3D positional thunder make this game shine on a Tegra device. Bladeslinger is $2.99 on the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store – Bladeslinger

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