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Spirited Soul Combines Tower Defense And Role Playing


Tactical RPG games are a perfect fit for touchscreen gaming. The strategical nature of these games forces players to manage many characters at once, and the ability to simply tap on a unit to select it works well with this genre. Spirited Soul is one such game. Recently released on Google Play, Spirited Soul is a tower offense/defense RPG.


Players will choose a hero as their main avatar, with several classes such as the knight and archer available. After equipping their hero in the town overworld, players set off into a series of battles that pit the hero and her army versus a monster hero and its army. Both sides can select from a series of towers that will dispatch different types of warriors to destroy the others base and its army. Your sides hero will be able to travel freely around the battlefield and is the most powerful unit in the game. Players must be careful not to let their avatar take too much damage or the battle will be lost.

Spirited Soul is $.99 on Google Play. Developer Snailteeth Co. Ltd. promises more content in future updates.

Google Play Store – Spirited Soul

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