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Square Enix Stealthily Releases Mini Ninjas


Square Enix’s mobile releases are always a mystery. You never know where or when you will find a new Android game from the house that built Final Fantasy. Region exclusive titles, games only on third party app stores, and even multiple developer profiles on Google Play make it seem like Square Enix wants people to play their games as little as possible. Today, a new endless runner has appeared on one of their Google Play profiles based on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 game Mini Ninjas.

Mini Ninjas was a 3rd person action adventure title released back in 2009. It featured a group of ninja warriors charged with defeating the generic evil samurai to bring peace to the land. Players would rescue additional characters from enemy bases, and the freed ninjas would then be instantly selectable in battle. Mini Ninjas prided itself on being a clean non violent adventure appropriate for children. There was no blood or gore, just well animated cartoon graphics and puffs of smoke.

minininjass1 minininjasss2

The 2013 Android version of Mini Ninjas is a generic endless runner that does an admirable job of recreating the console versions specific style. Hiro and the gang all look great. Aside from its looks, there is little that connects this game with its bigger brother. Players will jump, attack, and occasionally use magic spells that come in the form of one time powerups. Performing enough successful moves will allow the use of Kuji magic like Tornado Boost.

Mini Ninjas is free to play on Google Play with IAP’s. After 2 demo playthroughs, the game must be purchased for $2.58.

Google Play: Mini Ninjas

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