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Capcom Releases Megaman Crossover In Japan

Megaman, also known as Rockman in his home country of Japan, has had one of the longest and most successful careers in video game history. Spawning countless sequels and spinoffs across a variety of platforms, it was inevitable that Megaman would come to Android at some point. To celebrate the blue bomber’s twenty fifth anniversary, several games were developed, one of which was a mobile game that has just been released for Android devices in Japan. Megaman’s first foray on the Android OS is a card battle title called Megaman Crossover, or Rockman Xover as it is known in Japan.

Megaman Crossover takes place in an alternate Megaman universe where every single Megaman franchise has been merged together. A malevolent force has created a universe where Sigma could scheme to take over the world with Dr. Wiley or where X and Battle Network Megaman could take on Protoman. A new model of Megaman has risen to combat this insipid evil, Megaman Over-1. Players will join Over-1 as he and the rest of the Megaman crew defend earth from homicidal robots.

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Megaman Crossover is a social RPG based on a card battling system. Players will accumulate a variety of different character and movement cards that govern what abilities their avatar will be able to utilize. Social interaction is the key to gaining better character stats, gamers can team up or fight against each other to acquire new cards or complete missions. Crossover uses gorgeous hand drawn art for its UI, and 16-bit style graphics based on the Megaman X franchise for its battle sequences.

Speaking of the battle sequences, they feature a surprising amount of actual Megaman gameplay. Players will run through a stage endless runner style while jumping over and shooting at enemies. Cards will be collected along the way, which are used in the levels boss fight. The boss fights are a turn based affair where Megaman Over-1 and the boss trade blows based on their battle cards.


Gamers fluent in Japanese can download Rockman Xover for free on Google Play. As for an English language version of Rockman Xover, Capcom has been very slow to localize its Android games. So it will probably be a while before we see Rockman Xover appear on international Android devices.

Google Play – Rockman Xover

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