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First Look: Retro Shooter Plasma Sky Coming Soon


A new retro themed bullet hell shooter by the name of Plasma Sky is headed to Android courtesy of John Dunbar, the one man team behind developer Spikepit Games. Combining the visuals of retro shooters like Geometry Wars and the bullet hell gameplay of Ikaruga, Plasma Sky looks to be one of the best original shooters we’ve gotten for Android in a while. Over the top gameplay abounds in this retro lightshow, as enemy ships are extremely complex and well designed demonstrating that Plasma Sky uses its retro visuals to enhance the graphics rather than as an artistic crutch. With a large variety of enemies, crazy big bosses, and upgrades, Plasma Sky has more than enough content to call itself a truly unique shooter.

Players will face over eighty intense levels aided by power ups like lazers, wingmen, and wingmen with lasers! The stages start out simple enough but quickly grow increasingly difficult. Different types of ammo become available as gamers progress and will be needed to deal with the hordes of enemies headed their way.

Plasma Sky will be a traditionally priced game with no IAP’s which means the gameplay shouldn’t be marred by the scourge of free to play. Look for Plasma Sky to launch for Android devices in the next few weeks.

plasmaskyss1        plasmaskyss2

Developer Website – Spikepit Games

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