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Hands On With Tekken Card Tournament For Android


When gamers think of fighting games, the first thing that springs to mind is either Tekken or Street Fighter. Which would explain why Android gamers are so rabid for a mobile edition of either venerable fighting series. Capcom sort of followed through with the release of Street Fighter 4 on the Japanese Google Play store, but Namco-Bandai had been mum on the prospect of Tekken coming to Android until recently. A few months ago, Namco-Bandai announced a new Tekken game would be coming to mobile devices, including Android. The people rejoiced. They then unveiled Tekken Card Tournament, a card battle game based on the fighting franchise. The people groaned.

Tekken Card Tournament is the first mobile edition in the franchise(If you don’t count Street Fighter X Tekken on IOS). Running on the Unity 3D engine, Tekken Card Tournament is a graphically impressive card fighting game designed for cross platform multiplayer. Players can pit their Android Yoshimitsu versus an IOS or Web Browser based Paul. As in other card battle games like Rage Of The Bahamut or Gang Domination, players will accumulate and constantly add to a deck of cards that determine what moves your fighter will be able to perform in battle. The more fights you win, the more experience and coins your fighter will gain. Leveling up allows you to purchase new cards and upgrade existing ones with coins gained from battles or IAP’s.

Surprisingly, Tekken Card Tournament is actually a pretty good game. In addition to absolutely nailing the Tekken look and feel, the game itself is fun and fairly addicting. Once players have selected what character to fight with, they’ll stick with and train that specific fighter until they decide otherwise. They can choose to fight against AI in the arcade mode or against flesh and blood opponents in the online mode. Battles appear to be simple on first glance, with only three types of action available, focus, strike, and block, but there is an engaging strategy mechanic hiding underneath.

The focus move will allow you to call a card from your deck into action. Neither fighter starts with any cards in play and must initially use focus to call one up. Using focus multiple times will allow up to five cards to be stacked at any given time. Strike will activate any cards you have in play and deal the amount of damage each one is worth. Block will cancel up to two attack cards, with subsequent strikes dealing the remaining amount of damage. Each fighter deploys their cards simultaneously. Strike will cancel out a focus move, block will negate up to two strikes, and focus will add to the cards in play if not interrupted by a strike.


Thanks to the power of the Unity 3D engine, Tekken Card Tournament looks incredible. Graphics fall somewhere between the PS2 and PS3 Tekken titles, though they usually lean towards PS2 quality. With eight playable fighters, most of the more popular characters from the Tekken franchise are here, though the roster falls short of most recent Tekken titles. Fans will recognize many of the classic arenas the fighters duke it out in though they usually don’t look as good as the characters themselves.


Tekken Card Tournament’s development is progressing nicely, and looks surprisingly good for a title that just entered beta status. Card battle titles based on existing franchises tend to be mere cash-ins, but Tekken Card Tournament looks like it will buck that trend and offer Android gamers a title truly worthy of the Tekken name, even if it is nothing like the games it’s based on. You can try the beta for Tekken Card Tournament at the link below, while the full version will be landing on Google Play very soon.

Developers Website – Tekken Card Tournament

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