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Gamevil Unleashes Sir Death


Zenonia series developer Gamevil has been releasing a flood of new games for Android ever since they got their start a few years back. While most have been RPG’s Gamevil has made games covering just about every genre. Sir Death is the newest addition to Gamevil’s library.

A stylized action RPG, Sir Death stars the title character as he round kicks zombies heads off and does his best The Matrix cosplay. Similar to games like Zombieville, Sir Death is a 2D sidescroller that features excessive amounts of zombie deaths(undeaths?). Players will progress through stages while fighting different zombie types in order to defeat the boss zombie for each stage. Along the way, Sir Death will upgrade his different weapons and special moves through coins earned either in-game or through IAP’s.

Sirdeathss1  Sirdeathss2


  • INTENSE ZOMBIE KILLING ACTION! – Face multitudes of zombies with side-scrolling combat and on-the-fly action controls that let you shoot, dodge, kick and punch.
  • ENEMIES LURK IN EVERY CORNER! – Be on guard as you walk through the desolate streets of the city. Follow the mysterious comic storyline as you clear stages and advance within the game.
  • BLOOD SPLATTERING SKILL SETS! – Endless stages and areas as you level up and build your arsenal with a wide variety of attack combos.
  • BECOME THE ULTIMATE COOL GUY BY USING SPECIAL MOVES! – Rise to victory as you slay the undead with lightning fast specialty movies.

Sirdeathss3  Sirdeathss4

Sir Death is an enjoyable though slightly derivative title that should appeal to fans of games like Zombieville. You can pick up Sir Death for free with IAP’s on Google Play.

Google Play – Sir Death

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