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Plasma Sky Blasts Onto Google Play


Plasma Sky, the crazy bullet hell shooter we covered a few days ago, has landed on Google Play much sooner than expected. This over the top shoot ’em up mixes the retro style graphics of Geometry Wars with the bullet hell gameplay of Ikaruga. Players will pilot a ship through over 80 levels, multiple game modes, and some ridiculously big bosses.

Plasma Sky follows the formula established in previous vertical scrolling shoot ’em ups but ups the ante with creative enemy designs like giant laser breathing space snakes. As levels progress, players will be able to enhance their ship with a variety of upgrades like better shields for ramming enemies, several different shot types, and wingmen who themselves can be upgraded as well. There’s even an endless hardcore mode if the campaign mode isn’t difficult enough.

plasmaskyss1    plasmaskyss2

Created by Spikepit games, Plasma Sky is one of the most unique shooters to come to Android for a while and is fast becoming a fan favorite. You can pick it up for $1.99 on Google Play.

Google Play – Plasma Sky

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