Published on March 19th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


TACS Games Releases Out Of Mind For Playstation Mobile


TACS Games has released a number of great titles for Playstation Mobile and are back with their latest and arguably best yet with Out Of Mind, an awesome game we previewed a few weeks ago. Mixing equal parts platformer and shooter, Out Of Mind tasks the player with escaping a strange and at times psychedelic world. TACS Games takes the pixel art style into overdrive with detailed HD visuals, multiple layers of animation, and a high energy chiptune soundtrack.

Out Of Mind’s gameplay starts out as a basic platformer to get players accustomed but by the end of the game will have morphed into something entirely different. Players will be able to manipulate gravity, phase through matter and jump from the sides of objects. This puts an interesting spin on classic shooter gameplay since enemies can come from any part of the screen. Out Of Mind has been in development at TACS Games for a while now, even before some of their other games, and it shows with highly polished visuals and gameplay.


You can pick up Out Of Mind for $1.49 on Playstation Mobile.

Developer Website – TACS Games

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