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Scare ‘Em Up In The Spookening


In the unique new puzzler The Spookening, players will terrify the denizens of a small town in creative ways. Hero Herman is cursed. Every night he dies and comes back as a ghost. If he wants to live again, he’ll have to harvest power from peoples souls by scaring the pants off them.

This simple premise gives The Spookening an addicting arcade puzzler style setup evoking classic titles like The Haunting. Finding different ways to set up the best scares creates interesting situations because harvesting the most scares in each level will earn ghastly new upgrades.


The Spookening is the debut game from developer Modesty, built using their proprietary Gears engine. Though the game uses a top down perspective it sports impressive 3D visuals, best seen from the overhead map.



  • 120.000 square meters of realtime shaded 3D world.
  • Supernatural game play where you die at the beginning of each level and spawn as a ghost.
  • A total of 20 nights for you to clear at three levels.
  • You’ll encounter demons, ghosts, spirits and the ultimate bad guy of them all…
  • 19 different types of supernatural interactive items that awaits your exploration.
  • 8 different skills and items available in the crypt shop.
  • 3D particle effects.
  • Online High Score feature. Retro style!

You can pick up The Spookening for $2.32 on Google Play.

Google Play – The Spookening

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