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Nimble Quest Marches Onto Android


Tiny Tower & Pocket Planes developer Nimblebit’s unusual new game Nimble Quest has made its way onto Google Play. In this free to play action RPG, Players will do the usual RPG things like leveling up, gaining new party members, and fighting epic battles, but instead of turn based battles characters will march single file around a map as they collect loot and do battle. Similar to games like Mini Army or Call Of Snakes, Nimble Quest fuses a beloved genre with one of the most widely played games ever made, Snake.


Anyone who’s ever played Snake on an old cell phone will instantly understand how Nimble Quest works. Players move around a stage chomping on dots while avoiding running into a wall or their own tail, but instead of dots its typical RPG monsters and instead of a tail its a traditional RPG party. Party members and monsters both have varied attack styles along with individual health bars which turns Nimble Quest from a Snake clone into something much deeper.


Nimble Quest is a free to play game utilizing a dual currency system. In order to upgrade your characters stats or unlock new heroes, you’ll either have to grind or go the IAP route.

Nimblebit’s latest title looks like a winner. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Google Play – Nimble Quest

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