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Be A Kernel In Namco Bandai’s Corn Quest


Namco Bandai has released a new title on Google Play, and no, it’s not an English language version of Dragon Ball Tap Battle or the Hello Kitty RPG. It’s Corn Quest, a by the numbers tower defense game.

In this previously iOS exclusive strategy title, a mysterious meteorite has crashed into a corn field, mutating insects and vegetables alike. This turns the normally timid insects into vicious predators and gives the corn intelligence and the ability to work together. Corn Quest follows the epic struggle of the brave corn soldiers who defend the vegetables from the insect hordes.

Corn Quest is about as generic a tower defense game as you can get, only hardcore TD fans need apply. Enemies march from one side of the screen to the other, you place down a few different towers or in this case soldiers to take them out, beat all the waves in a level, wash, rinse, and repeat.



  • Instantly rewarding, real-time take on the tower defense genre
  • Three modes of play – Campaign, Survival, and Sudden Death
  • 5 unique corn units – From steadfast grunt to sharpshooting sniper
  • 5 incredible power-ups – From the deceptive scarecrow to the unstoppable Shuck Norris
  • 5 beautiful environments – From the golden fields of corn to the cold, crystalline lair of the bug Queen

You can download Corn Quest for free on Google Play.

Google Play – Corn Quest

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