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Crescent Moon Games Releases Relic Rush

Crescent Moon Games has released their award winning platformer Relic Rush onto the Google Play store. Relic Rush is an 8-bit style side scroller filled with nostalgic gameplay and features ultra simple one touch controls. Players will control an intrepid Indiana Jones type character as he braves various caves, temples, and mountains in search of valuable idols.

Each level is a race against the clock, the value of each stage’s idol will slowly decrease as it takes longer and longer to reach. Timing is everything in Relic Rush since players can only stop or start their characters movement. This makes anticipating the enemy creature’s movements critical to survival.



  • Beautiful Pixel Art
  • Easy One Touch Controls
  • Over 100 Levels to explore and navigate
  • Original Chiptune Soundtrack
  • 5 Unique Worlds to Adventure through
  • Retro Sounds


Relic Rush is an enjoyable retro throwback, you can pick it up for $.99 on Google Play.

Google Play – Relic Rush

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