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Thumbstar Games Releasing Anthill Onto Android Soon

Thumbstar Games has announced today that their award winning real time strategy game Anthill will be coming to Android devices very soon. Anthill is a tower defense style title billed as the first “trail defense” game. Rather than placing individual units, players will direct their soldiers by drawing “pheromone” lines to attack enemies and defend bases. This control scheme works well since battles tend to get chaotic. Once enemy insects have been defeated, their carcasses can be dragged back into the ant hill for resources.


Much like RTS games in the vein of Command & Conquer, players will be able to upgrade their units through an in depth tech tree. This will unlock units like bombers that can target specific enemies rather than following a set trail or enable special abilities in already available units.


Anthill is scheduled to be available for Android devices on April 18th, so strategy gamers don’t have long to wait.

Developer Website – Thumbstar Games

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