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Wake The Dead In Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno

Thought SEGA’s next release for Android would be House Of The Dead: Overkill? You thought wrong. Instead, we get another gore filled extravaganza, Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno. This bloody endless shooter is a mobile spinoff of last years Hell Yeah! Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit released on XBLA/PSN/PC, also made by SEGA. A raunchy love letter to classic gaming, Hell Yeah! has plenty of humor to go along with all the mayhem.

For example, the entire premise of the game is based on the prince of hell, a skeletal zombie rabbit, having had unflattering photos taken of him in the bathtub by paparazzi. This causes the denizens of hell to comment on the photo and call him a pussy. Naturally, our demon bunny protagonist must hunt down and kill them all, otherwise his reputation as a bad ass will be tarnished.


Whereas Hell Yeah! Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit combined shooting and platforming for its gameplay, Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno melds together the endless runner mechanics of Jetpack Joyride with the shoot ’em up style of games like R-Type. Players will pilot their jetpack driller through Pocket Inferno’s over 60 levels while smashing walls, completing missions, and shooting boss monsters in the face.


There are tons of unlockables too. Just like in its console cousin, players can collect an ungodly amount of skins for both their jetpack driller and their rabbit. Secret levels can also be unlocked by finding hidden doom tokens in each level. SEGA has said it is already working on new content for Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno which is another thing to look forward to.


If your looking for a horror themed SEGA game to occupy your time until House Of The Dead Overkill comes out, you could do much worse than Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno. You can pick it up for $.99 on Google Play.

Google Play – Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno

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