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Deadmen Do Tell Tales In Escape From The Dead

While we may never see Tell Tale Games award winning The Walking Dead series on Android, that doesn’t mean we can’t have an awesome zombie adventure of our own. That’s precisely what we get with Escape From The Dead, a retro point ‘n click style title from indie developer Digi-Chain Games. Utilizing the best concepts from classic adventure games like Zork and Myst, Escape From The Dead is a zombie themed graphic novel come to life.


Escape From The Dead takes place in an apocalyptic future where the dead have risen from their graves and are quickly bringing about the extinction of humanity. As a lone survivor, players will have to stomach their fear and face the many challenges that living in a world of the dead brings. Gorgeous visuals and a eerie soundtrack help bring this gloomy reality to life.

Like the classic games it takes inspiration from, Escape From The Dead is filled with tricky puzzles. Players will have to sharpen their wits and make use of the environment if they want to make any progress in this game. We found Escape From The Dead to be fiendishly difficult.


If you’re a fan of old school adventure games or zombies, you’ll want to check out Escape From The Dead. It’s available for $1.00 on Google Play.

Google Play – Escape From The Dead

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