Published on May 1st, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


The DRM Will Melt Your Face

No, not that kind of DRM. PsychicParrot Games’s trippy twin stick shooter The DRM: Death Ray Manta has hit Google Play for all to experience. This neon nightmare is a hail of brightly colored bullets, 5 second long levels, and deadly cats. Lots of cats. The DRM is a mobile conversion of indie developer Rob Fearon’s hit PC title by the same name. Rob worked with PsychicParrot Games to help create a mobile version of Death Ray Manta just as insane as the original.


PsychicParrot calls The DRM “Two sticks and a screen full of laser beams”, which is an apt description for the Geometry Wars inspired title. It combines classic twin stick shooter gameplay with chaotic yet beautiful level design. The objective of the game is simple, blast anything that moves and collect power ups in a series of increasingly difficult stages, but that’s by design. The DRM’s developers proudly tout its lack of iaps or upgrades and hard as nails retro gameplay.


If you think you can handle all the awesomeness that The DRM: Death Ray Manta has to offer you can pick it up for $.99 on Google Play.

Google Play – The DRM: Death Ray Manta

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