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Fractal Combat Takes Flight

Oyatsukai Games, the indie developer behind the retro racing franchise Final Freeway, is back with an impressive aerial combat title that has less to do with dodging traffic and more in common with dodging missiles. Their new game is Fractal Combat, an arcade style dogfighting sim that puts players in the cockpit of insanely fast futuristic fighter jets. Fans of SEGA’s Afterburner games will appreciate Fractal Combat’s fast paced gameplay and sense of speed.

Players will fight battles in gorgeously rendered fractal environments that span the middle of the desert to the outer edges of the planets atmosphere. By defeating enemies and completing special missions, players can earn points to spend on better ships and weapons. Oyatsukai Games nailed the visual elements to Fractal Combats battles, it’s satisfying seeing a screen full of missiles streak toward an approaching target.



  • Fast-paced futuristic arcade flight combat!
  • Spectacular 3D graphics!
  • 7 unique gorgeous fractal worlds
  • Earn new ships, upgrade weapons, generators, radars
  • Epic sound tracks
  • Intuitive accelerometer and touch controls


Fans of games like Ace Combat and Afterburner will definitely want to check out Oyatsukai Games’s new title. You can pick up Fractal Combat for free on Google Play.

Google Play – Fractal Combat

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