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Lemegeton Master Edition Does Metroidvania Right

Indie developer Lantansia has been making waves lately with its Castlevania style action adventure game Lemegeton. This side scrolling rpg evokes the best qualities of the aforementioned series with a great combat system, huge world to explore, and excellent graphics. The story follows demon hunter Sabio as he kicks all kinds of demon butt with a combination of magic and weaponry.

The developer has now released the second game or “episode” in the series, titled Lemegeton Master Edition. This paid continuation of the original contains all of the content from episode 1 plus a ton of new stuff in episode 2. A brand new campaign continues the story of the demon hunters and now gives players the option to pick one of two characters. The combat system has also been completely reworked for a much smoother comboing experience.


Purchasing Lemegeton Master Edition also entitles players to planned future episodes at no extra cost. Lantansia has a great track record when it comes to updating the original Lemegeton, and the developer has promised tons of new weapons, areas, and characters for its sequel.


Action rpg aficionados will get a kick out of Lemegeton Master Edition. You can pick it up for $9.99 on Google Play.

Google Play – Lemegeton Master Edition

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