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Undead Soccer Review

BulkyPix, developer of some of Androids biggest hits like Babel Rising and Redneck Revenge, is back with Undead Soccer, a new twist on the flick sports genre that steers physics games in an unexpected direction. By taking the classic game of soccer and introducing the fear of being eaten alive by a pack of ravenous zombies, BulkyPix has created one of its best and most unique titles yet.

Undead Soccer is the story of a nameless footballer who gets banned from a championship match and told to wait it out in the locker room. As he sits and fumes by himself, little does he realize that his day is about to get alot worse. After waiting for hours, he storms outside to discover the other players, the referees, and even the fans have become a horde of flesh eating zombies. Armed with only a football and a trash can lid he’ll have to earn alot more penalties if he wants to survive.

So begins Undead Soccer, a rather addicting endless flicking title that manages to take one of the most fun game styles on Android and make it even better. Because zombies make everything better. After playing Undead Soccer, regular flick soccer games just seem boring now.

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The object of the game is to flick a soccer ball at waves of approaching undead before they can get within biting distance. The army of wacky looking zombie types will keep the player on their toes, requiring a strategic approach to complete each level. Zombies like the spitter will shoot gobs of mucus from afar, constipated gas bombers will end the game in one hit and bosses like the Tako King will both amuse and challenge you.

A variety of handy power ups and abilities are unlockable by spending coins earned from slaying the undead. Power ups are dropped randomly in battle and spice things up by helping the player build their multiplier and score sick combos for mega points. These one off items amp up the mayhem and prevent Undead Soccer from devolving into a simple flickfest. In fact they become a requirement to use in later stages due to a type of zombie that can only be killed by power ups. The leveling up system is implemented in a fun way that encourages players to keep coming back to the game to see how far they can get.


The art style has a cartoonish, cel shaded look to it that fits the gameplay well. Zombie types are easily discernible from each other thanks to their amusing character design and are well animated. The different power ups and abilities have neat graphic style effects that look great when mowing down Undead Soccers hordes of zombies. Descriptive word balloons straight out of a comic book highlight the action and help identify zombies who have been hit by power ups. The games soundtrack is a spooky mix of light hearted adventure music. Its catchy piano riffs accentuate the games atmosphere and help to establish its identity.

BulkyPix has done it again. Undead Soccer is addicting, goofy, and fun. Anyone who enjoys zombies, flick sports titles, or just plain awesome games in general will want to check out Undead Soccer.

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Undead Soccer Review Craig Forshey


Summary: Team BulkyPix has scored a goal with their newest instant classic. Undead Soccer has addicting gameplay and excellent graphic design but there is a high level of difficulty and disappointing lack of extra modes.



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