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Tales Of Illyria Begins Its March To Greatness

Independent developer Little Killerz, best known for the underground hit Legends Arcana, is back with a unique new rpg. Tales Of Illyria is a tactics style game that blends the party mechanics of The Oregon Trail with fast paced real time strategy. Throughout its massive 20 hour campaign, players will fight to restore freedom to the lands of Illryia by leading an elite brigade of diverse rogues on a decades long quest.

Unlike with your typical jrpg party members in Tales will get sick, abandon the group, and outright betray you if pushed to it. They respond to every decision you make, causing players to carefully consider allegiances before major plot points.



  • 20+ hours of gameplay
  • 1.5GB of art at full 1080P
  • 75 original music compositions
  • 675 unique encounters
  • 6 unique kingdoms with 42 villages, castles and cities to visit
  • 6 Geographic environments
  • Tons of monsters, shops, equipment, spells & melee fighting style
  • Equipment changes appearance of sprites and portraits
  • 250K words that’s over 4 novels


Like Legends Arcana before it, Tales will be actively updated with new features and content. Little Killerz has an excellent track record in this regard; They continue to expand and add content to games released over 2 years ago.

Tales Of Illyria is an imaginative role playing experience that causes players to think strategically both on and off the battlefield. You can pick it up for $3.95 on Google Play.

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