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Western Themed Zombie Shooter Jane Wilde Coming Soon

A new side scrolling shooter is on its way that mixes the wild west with horror for a gory good time. Jane Wilde from Level Bit Games casts players as a blonde bombshell who is humanities only hope against an invasion of the undead. She’ll have fight her way though a massive 30 level campaign while collecting killer weaponry like a minigun and the freeze bow if she wants to survive. It won’t be easy though, as tons of bizarre enemies like a demonic Davy Crockett and suicidal skeletons are desperate to be cannon fodder for the heroine.


Jane Wilde bears a resemblance to similar action titles like Zombieville but sports much deeper gameplay thanks to its rpg-like combat system. Useful additions to the genre like a cover ability incorporate a surprising amount of strategic gameplay into the new shooter. Each enemy has a particular attack style and weakness so it’s important for Jane to be proficient in as many abilities as possible.


So when will we get to play this crazy new shooter? Jane Wilde will be available May 30th for free on Google Play.

Developer Website – Level Bit Games

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