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Game & Watch Inspired Little Green Arrow Arrives

The Game & Watch and later Tiger LCD handhelds are the great fore fathers of today’s mobile gaming machines. In a time when developers had nothing but a handful of frames and an idea to work with, the games these platforms gave us defied their limited technology with addicting gameplay and some even live on today.

Indie developer Martin Edmaier is paying homage to these classic games with his new strategy heavy action title Little Green Arrow. As the games hero the green archer, players will defend their castle from the dastardly red archer while simultaneously attacking his castle. Each archer can send wasps to attack the others base by shooting them with arrows, but with only a limited amount of arrows available, strategy becomes just as important as speed.


Edmaier expands on the basic Game & Watch formula through additional gameplay mechanics like power ups earned from fallen wasps and vaguely DOTA style combat. This all looks great thanks to Little Green Arrow’s charming hand drawn graphics.


Little Green Arrow is a terrific strategy title that remembers its roots. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Google Play – Little Green Arrow

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