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I, Gladiator Fights Its Way Onto Samsung Apps

The gory action adventure game I, Gladiator is now available on Android, though not in the way you might expect. Rather than launching through Google Play or Amazon Apps, developer Steel Monkeys has partnered with Samsung and its 100% Indie Initiative to launch its critically acclaimed action adventure exclusively on the Samsung Apps store.

I, Gladiator is a visually stunning fighting game with deep gameplay and brutal finishing moves so over the top they would make God Of War envious. Players will live the life of a gladiator where every day is a struggle between life and death while plotting and deceit takes place outside the arena. The games epic story is told through gorgeous cut scenes complete with authentic Latin voice overs.


Rather than attempt to shoehorn in console style controls, developer Steel Monkeys has opted for a far more intuitive touch based control scheme. Players will be able to attack and parry multiple enemies at once while performing deadly combos and finishers by swiping their finger where they want their gladiator to attack. This makes for fast and fluid combat perfectly suited for a touch screen device. In addition to all manner of gladiators and giants, players will also have to watch out for environmental traps like vicious lions or giant spikes.


I, Gladiator is a jaw droppingly beautiful fighting game. If you have a Samsung device, you can pick it up now on the Samsung Apps store for £3, or about $4.55 in US currency.

Samsung Apps – I, Gladiator

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