Published on June 8th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Platform Runner DinoBoy Rush Leaps Onto Android

Most endless runners like Temple Run tend to have very basic gameplay, and therefore tend to get very boring, but a new runner from up and coming indie studio Moo Moo Games by the name of DinoBoy Rush definitely bucks that trend with its addicting arcade style sensibilities. Players will control a young boy whose girlfriend has been captured by cartoonish monsters so he does the sensible thing and dons a dinosaur outfit to begin with the buttkicking.


While there is still plenty of running and sliding like in many runners, DinoBoy Rush mixes things up with game mechanics out of classic NES platformers like Super Mario Bros. Jumping on different platforms with precisely timed leaps is an integral part of the game design as is mastering techniques like the ubiquitous double jump. Different power ups like shooting flames out at enemies or growing to a mega size and stomping everything in your path are fun ways of breaking up the action.


Like a little old school with your endless runner? Check out DinoBoy Rush, it’s free on Google Play.


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