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Shooter Spinoff Command Crisis: Callsign Reports For Duty

Indie developer Ariah Studios, already well known for the strategy MMO Command Crisis and its follow up Command Crisis: Endgame, is expanding the franchises universe with a shoot em up spinoff appropriately titled Command Crisis: Callsign. In this bullet hell style shooter, you’ll still be conquering worlds and waging zero g warfare, but this time you’ll be down in the thick of battle doing the dirty work yourself.

Just like its MMO brethren, Command Crisis: Callsign has multiple mission types that range from the usual blast em all to more delicate assignments like escorting a vulnerable freighter or pulling off a daring stealth bombing run. And that’s just in the campaign alone. Callsign also includes both a random level generator and an endless style mode for maximum replayability. There is a ton of unlockable content like specialized fighter craft, power up modifiers, and more.



  • 18 Story Mode Missions
  • 4 different ships to unlock and upgrade
  • Endless Endurance Mode
  • Random Mission Generator
  • Multiple mission types including survival, escorting, bombing and more
  • Ad-free
  • No additional in-app purchases


Old school style shooters that don’t rely on iap’s are a rare thing nowadays, so its good to see Command Crisis: Callsign carrying the torch. It’s available for $2.99 on Google Play plus there’s a free trial version too.


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